Legislation update

New RTA approved forms released

By Anthony Pitt / 15 April 2019

Today, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) published three new approved forms, which owners and operators of mixed use parks should be aware of:

  • Form 18a General tenancy agreement (v16);
  • Form 18b Movable dwelling agreement (v10); and
  • Form R18 Rooming accommodation agreement (v07).  

The new forms are available on the RTA’s website here: https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Forms-and-publications/Forms/Forms-for-general-tenancies 

Mixed use park owners should become familiar with the new forms and ensure that they are used from now on.  The previous versions of these forms can no longer be used.  

Should mixed use park owners require any assistance or advice with respect to the new forms or any other issue in the operation of their park, please contact Special Counsel, Anthony Pitt from our Manufactured Homes team. 

Anthony Pitt
Special Counsel
Anthony is a Special Counsel in our Dispute Resolution practice who specialises in property-related litigation for his client base of property owners and developers, landlords, manufactured home park owners and bodies corporate.
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