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Legal advisors who will protect your interests from the start to the finish of a business sale or purchase

We bring together a team of commercially minded lawyers and advisors from across the following areas of our firm (and more when required) in matters involving the sale or acquisition of a business: 

  • Corporate - to conduct and manage the due diligence process; draft and negotiate key agreements and lead the transaction with the involvement of other specialist practitioners as necessary
  • Tax - to ensure the structures in place for the sale or purchase are optimised from a taxation perspective
  • Employment - to manage any employee matters involved in the business sale or purchase
  • Intellectual property and technology - to manage any IP or technology issues in the transaction
  • Property - to manage property aspects of a business sale or purchase such as lease arrangements
  • Dispute resolution - to resolve any disputes that may arise in the sale or acquisition process

Exceptional outcomes

QEM / Our client QEM are developing a Vanadium/Oil Shale project to the east of Julia Creek in Central North Queensland. QEM are proposing to power the project by developing a renewable power project in conjunction with a partner operating in the renewables energy industry and potentially selling excess electricity into the NEM via Copperstring. We are advising QEM on land access, project approvals, land acquisition and project structuring for the Julia Creek Project.

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