Streets of your town: Property proprietary claims on divorce in the global village - the Australian perspective

By Geoff Wilson / 25 October 2017
1 min.
Worthwhile read for: Marriages and defacto relationships

Australia is a multi-cultural society that enjoys a good living standard, with an economy that has not been in recession for the past 27 years. As such, Australia presents a good opportunity for foreign investment. The value of real estate continues to rise across many of our capital cities particularly Sydney and Melbourne. There has been a wave of foreign investment in Australian residential, development and commercial property by individuals and their related entities. But what happens to those individuals and their properties during a divorce?

This paper, presented by Partner, Geoff Wilson, at the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association, Sydney 8 - 13 October 2017 discusses the property proprietary claims individuals will experience during divorce, and provides an Australian legal perspective in the global village marketplace.

25 October 2017
Geoff Wilson
Geoff is a Partner and co-manages our Family and Relationship Law practice. He is also a lead Partner of our HG Private practice.

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