SEQ Regional Plan 2005-2026 - Growth Management, Structure Plans

By James Ireland / 01 November 2006

The aim of the SEQ Regional Plan, which was released on 30 June 2005, is to shape the way in which South East Queensland is to grow over the next two decades. It recognises that South East Queensland is the fastest growing region in Australia and provides the framework for managing growth, change, land use and development in the region until the year 2026.

The SEQ Regional Plan is required to be reflected in local planning instruments. To the extent that there is any inconsistency between the SEQ Regional Plan and any other plan, policy or code under the IPA or under another Act, including any other planning instrument, the SEQ Regional Plan prevails.

The SEQ Regional Plan recognises, however, that aspects of the SEQ Regional Plan require further investigation and consideration at the local level before a local government can amend its planning scheme to reflect the various principles and policies in the SEQ Regional Plan. With that in mind, Parliament while envisaging that local governments will commence the amendment of their planning schemes “quickly”, does not expect local governments to amend their planning schemes overnight (and no specific timeframe has been set for those amendments to occur).

James Ireland
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