Reviewing the SEQ Regional Plan

By David Nicholls and Gemma Chadwick / 27 February 2014

The SEQ Regional Plan (SEQRP) is currently under review with a view to addressing the adequacy of the region's land supply, both greenfield and infill, out to 2041. The SEQRP’s associated regulatory provisions have been a major obstacle to the growth of appropriately sequenced development of residential land outside the urban footprint. Although the Queensland government has removed regulatory provisions from all other regional plans there is considerable uncertainty as to whether the new SEQRP will follow suit.

In this Paper, David Nicholls traces the history of the regulatory provisions and explain why they should be repealed. 

David Nicholls
David is a Consultant in our Planning and Environment practice and enjoys a reputation as one of Australia’s leading planning and environment lawyers.
Gemma Chadwick
Senior Associate
Gemma is a Senior Associate in our Planning and Environment practice.
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