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Cauldron has tenure granted despite Forrest's opposition

02 February 2018

On 17 August 2017, the WA Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by Forrest & Forrest Pty Ltd (Forrest)1.                                                                              

The Court of Appeal unanimously decided to dismiss Forrest’s appeal so Cauldron Energy Limited (Cauldron) was able progress its applications for exploration licences 08/2385, 08/2386 and 08/2387 (Applications) over Forrest’s Minderoo Station, east of Onslow. HopgoodGanim Lawyers represented Cauldron Energy Limited at the Court of Appeal and in relation to the grant of the Applications.

On 19 January 2018, the Minister granted the Applications despite various submissions made by Forrest to the Minister that the Applications should be refused. It is also important to note that the Minister did not impose any of the onerous conditions that Forrest sought were imposed on the Applications when granted.

We are pleased to have achieved this fantastic result for our client and have their tenure granted over Forrest’s Minderoo Station where other tenement applicants have very publically been rebuffed by Forrest. 

For further information or any advice, please contact our Resources and Energy team.

1 in Forrest & Forrest Pty Ltd v Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Kevin Michael Tavener, Mining Warden and Cauldron Energy Limited [2017] WASCA 153

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