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Tanda - contracting clients and using lawyers on a retainer

07 May 2019
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HopgoodGanim’s work for Tanda included: 

  • Advising Tanda on  signing up clients for their workforce platform

  • A GDPR review and compliance system 

  • Providing ongoing advice as an outsourced general counsel through a retainer model

Tanda is the world’s number one platform for rostering, attendance, labour insights and workforce success. Started in Brisbane over six years ago, Tanda is now a global company with offices in the UK, US, Asia and Australia.

Tanda came to HopgoodGanim at a period where they were predicting rapid growth and were looking at signing up large international clients. They had recognised the need to engage with lawyers earlier in the contract negotiation process. They had also been unhappy with legal services provided elsewhere.

The challenge

The challenge presented for our Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology team was to protect Tanda’s IP when clients signed on to use the Tanda platform. Tanda knew a lawyer was needed early in the contract negotiations to ensure a faster and smoother process.

Tanda also needed a law firm with experience in and a thorough understanding of agile software development principles, and how to effectively implement those principles in a contract. They had previously been disappointed with the advice received elsewhere in this area of software development.

Tanda had also recognised that they would require ongoing legal advice as they continued to grow and contract bigger and more sophisticated clients.

The solution

Our IP and Technology team lead by Partner, Hayden Delaney, assisted Tanda in early negotiations with a key international client. We ensured that the contract represented Tanda’s rights and protected the very valuable IP they had developed.

Before delivering the solution, we spent time getting to know the Tanda product to understand what would be needed in the first contract. The time spent getting to know the Tanda product and the team also meant we knew the contract would be solid in protecting their valuable IP.

We also presented to Tanda an option to use our services on a monthly fixed retainer basis as a solution to supporting them through multiple contract negotiations.

The outcome

For the initial contract we worked on, the Tanda team were able to finalise the contract smoothly, efficiently and with the peace of mind that their IP would be protected.

In addition to the contract advice, we have also advised Tanda on a GDPR review and an ongoing compliance system.

We now work together with Tanda as their outsourced General Counsel on a retainer basis. The Tanda team can call and get advice from us as they need it without worrying how much it is costing them. Their overhead for legal advice is the same month by month and there are no surprise bills. They also have the assurance knowing that our service is industry leading and backed by a large full-service commercial law firm.

Watch Partner Hayden Delaney talk to Josh Cameron (founder Tanda) about how we work together.

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