Government announces significant changes to superannuation concessional tax

By Rebecca Edwards / 28 February 2023
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The Prime Minister has confirmed that concessional tax rates will change from 15% to 30% for people with more than $3 million of superannuation. While this change will not come into force until 2025-2026, it will impact around 80,000 people.

These changes will not impact those with superannuation account balances under $3 million. The average superannuation balance is approximately $150,000 and the changes are expected to affect about 0.5% of people with superannuation.

The introduction of these changes will, according to Treasurer Jim Chalmers, save about $2 billion to the budget. In figures released today, the government claims that an estimated $51 billion is lost in revenue as a result of the current concessional rate of 15%.

Further, the Treasurer also noted that it was not expected that the $3 million threshold for superannuation account balances would be indexed.

If you would like to discuss these proposed changes to superannuation, contact our dedicated Superannuation team.

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Rebecca Edwards
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Rebecca Edwards is a Special Counsel in our Estates and Succession and Self-Managed Superannuation teams.

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