Service People

Trusted experts who understand the personal pressures and also the opportunity that comes with executive and director level roles

Holding an executive role brings with it great challenge but also additional risk and responsibility to you as an individual. With experience on both sides of the table, we advise individuals in all stages of their executive career. Let us work with you to put your mind at ease as you traverse your executive career. 


Before you sign, negotiate the terms and conditions of employment to:

  • Maximise your remuneration outcomes, particularly around ‘at risk’ incentives
  • Maximise the value of your termination benefits within the limits imposed by legislation or ASX Listing Rules
  • Avoid benefits packages that are simply unenforceable or non-compliant
  • Avoid post-employment restraints that might limit your future career options
  • Manage any ongoing obligations you have to former employers under ongoing non-compete and confidentiality requirements

We will assist you to deal with issues that arise during employment including:

  • Performance management scenarios
  • Responding to allegations of misconduct
  • Disciplinary processes, in both the private and public sectors
  • Protect your interests in dispute situations
  • Whistleblowing scenarios

We will be with you in exit scenarios:

  • To comply with your contractual obligations and to hold your employer to theirs
  • To negotiate and document terms of exit where appropriate to uphold your reputation and to maximise your options for future employment
  • To maximise your financial outcomes, particularly where your entitlements are uncertain

Throughout post-employment scenarios:

  • To recover unpaid benefits or compensation
  • To respond and defend allegations of breach of post-employment non-compete obligations

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