The HG Way

Our workplace culture

The HG Way is used to describe our workplace culture just as much as it describes how we work with clients. Centred on a concept we call Business Mateship, our workplace culture is founded on friendship, respect, pride, collaboration, care for one another and being masters of our craft.

In practice this means we:

  • Place significant importance on client service and breaking down the traditional (sometimes conservative) barriers between lawyers and their clients
  • Approaching our work with passion, positivity and a tenacious attitude
  • Being curious and openly sharing our ideas for ways to improve the way we practice law
  • Getting to know the people we work with (both workmates and clients) by finding out what 'makes them tick' and what their passions are outside of work 
  • Communicating opening and regularly with our clients and colleagues as much as possible about the progress of work we're doing for them
  • Enjoying the work we do and celebrating our successes with the right amount of fun