Intellectual Property and Technology Alert: 3D printing: the next IP battleground - 9 July 2012

While online piracy of digital content continues to be one the great intellectual property battles waged in recent years, another IP war could be brewing with the rise of consumer-based 3D printing.

3D printers and scanners, which enable the mass production of solid objects from a digital file, make it as cheap to produce one item as it is to make one million. This technology enables anyone with a 3D printer to reproduce 3D objects.

3D printing will do to the physical world what has been happening to the digital world for a long time now - make it very easy to copy things - and will bring with it a range of intellectual property and copyright issues.

Senior associate Hayden Delaney outlines the legal challenges 3D printing poses, and gives his tips for preparing for the 3D printing revolution, on BRR Media.