HG Alert: New service to help you protect your brand and trade marks

The logos, slogans and catch-phrases you use to promote your products and services are important assets for your business. These types of trade marks help differentiate you from your competitors and position your business in the minds of your customers and in the marketplace. Like any asset, it's important to ensure your trade marks are well protected.

HopgoodGanim has launched a fixed-fee trade mark monitoring service to help our clients ensure that the value of their trade marks is not diluted.

The service is run by a team of experienced legal practitioners, who continually monitor the trade marks being newly registered in Australia. By signing up for the service, you will be notified immediately if a trade mark is registered that is identical or very similar to one that you regularly use in the course of your business, so you can take swift action to oppose it if appropriate.

The service is designed to strengthen your existing brand management efforts by helping you monitor the trade mark activities of your competitors - essential if you want to prevent other companies from trading off your reputation or otherwise confusing your customers.

The cost of the service depends on the number of trade marks you would like monitored.

Number of Trade marks monitored Investment
1-5 $350 per quarter
6-10 $625 per quarter
11-15 $900 per quarter
15+ To be negotiated

Using this service is a simple, effective way to ensure the hard work and investment you've made into your brand and trading reputation are not diluted.

For more information about our trade mark monitoring service, please contact HopgoodGanim's Intellectual Property and Technology team.