Planning and Environment Paper: The New Queensland Coastal Plan: A Regulatory Tsunami - 26 Mar 2012

The Queensland Coastal Plan, which commenced on 3 February 2012, aims to protect Queensland's coastal zone by limiting development in certain areas.

HopgoodGanim has previously published three publications addressing issues raised by the Plan:

This new paper is intended as a resource for those who have read the previous publications, and includes further information about and discussion of key aspects of the Plan, including:

  • Enabling legislation
  • The coastal zone
  • The expanded scope of coastal planning
  • Coastal management districts
  • Development assessment under the SPPCP, its application and its main policy outcomes
  • Coastal hazards policy
  • Areas of high and general ecological significance
  • Scenic amenity
  • Assessment of pre-existing development applications

For more information on the impact of the Queensland Coastal Plan, please contact HopgoodGanim's Planning and Environment team.

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