HG Alert: User Friendly Sustainability Declaration Released - 5 Feb 2010

In a move that is sure to please sellers and agents of residential property in Queensland, the Department of Infrastructure and Planning has a released a simpler, more user friendly version of the Sustainability Declaration.

Since 1 January 2010, the obligation to complete a Sustainability Declaration before offering a residential property for sale has been compulsory.

The Department’s first version of the declaration contained 31 questions on energy, water, access and safety, as well as a “household report card” requiring calculations on annual electricity costs, water costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The declaration was technical and time consuming to complete, and many sellers were left frustrated and confused in the process.

Interestingly, soon after the declaration became compulsory, a number of businesses attempted to take advantage of the technical nature of the form and, for a fee, would inspect the property and complete the form for a seller. We suspect it was never the Department’s intention that sellers would incur extra costs in completing the declaration.

The new version of the declaration includes 20 questions about energy and water usage. The detail in the water usage questions has been cut down and the “household report card” has been removed. Most sellers should be able to complete the declaration quickly and easily.

The new version of the Sustainability Declaration is available on the Department of Infrastructure and Planning website.

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