Verity Stone - Associate

Verity Stone Verity has experience advising on all aspects of IP and ICT law.

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Verity’s practice focuses on the intellectual property, information, communications and technology sectors and commercial law.

She has experience in trade marks law, copyright law, licensing and commercialisation, IP due diligence, privacy and data protection, as well as in general corporate and commercial transactions and property law. Recently, Verity was named by Lawyers Weekly as a finalist in their 30 Under 30 award for 2017 and 2018. 

Verity holds qualifications in Laws (Hons) and Journalism from the Queensland University of Technology.  






Areas of Practice

  • Advising and drafting commercial agreements specifically concerned with intellectual property, technology, licensing, master service and service level agreements, and assignments, including software development agreements and software licensing agreements for cloud based and onsite install arrangements.
  • Advising corporate clients in matters relating to commercialisation of intellectual property and acquisition of third party intellectual property.
  • Advising companies in relation to privacy legislation and drafting corporate compliance schemes and privacy policies.
  • Advising corporate clients in relation to intellectual property due diligence enquiries, particularly with regard to acquisition of software, trade marks and copyright.
  • Advising businesses with respect to trade mark protection, international and domestic trade mark filing strategies and brand enforcement.
  • Assisting in advising film makers in matters relating to capital raising, Australian and international trade mark issues, confidentiality, copyright enforcement and general protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Advising graphic designers, artists and authors in relation to both domestic and international copyright protection and enforcement and general protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Advising musicians in matters relating to performance agreements, intellectual property ownership agreements, licensing issues, copyright infringement and defamation.
  • Assisting in advising one of Australia’s largest fruit and vegetable company on licensing agreements and competition terms and conditions.
  • Assisting in advising in relation to website terms and conditions and click-wrap agreements.