HopgoodGanim recognised as one of the fastest growing law firms in Australia

Further to recent updates regarding appointments in Perth and Shanghai, HopgoodGanim’s market leading growth has been recognised in a legal sector survey conducted by The Australian newspaper.

In the Australian’s survey of the Fastest Growing Legal Employers (shown below), published 13 December 2013, HopgoodGanim was recognised as the third-fastest growing legal employer in the country, outranking several “top-tier” firms and defying expectations in a conservative market.

(source: The Australian)

The survey indicates that HopgoodGanim has grown by 24.3 percent since this time last year, which is a very encouraging figure when compared to the rankings of its contemporaries, many of whom were shown to have shrunk in size since December 2012.

Managing partner Bruce Humphrys has commented that the continued growth of the firm has been in response to client demand both within Australia and internationally.

HopgoodGanim celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2014 and has offices in Brisbane and Perth.