Vacation Clerk Program

If you haven't yet graduated, the best way to get a head start is to work as a vacation clerk before you graduate. At HopgoodGanim Lawyers, our vacation clerks are provided with the opportunity to work closely with our partners and solicitors on real issues and with real clients. 

We offer three vacation clerkship programs over the course of a year in both our Brisbane and Perth offices. In Perth, our six week programs (working two days per week) take place in February/March, April/May and June/July. In Brisbane, we offer a four week program (working full-time) in June/July, November/December and January/February. Over the course of each program our vacation clerks spend time with two different practice groups (based entirely on their preference) and will undertake real legal work as well as attend client meetings and court appearances. Vacation clerkships are well suited to those law students in their fourth or penultimate year of university.

Our 2017/2018 seasonal clerkships schedule is as follows:


Vacation Clerkships dates 2018

Monday 26 February - Applications for clerkships open 

Tuesday 20 March - Legal Careers Expo 2018

Monday 26 March - Applications for clerkships close at 9am AEST

Monday 14 May - Offers for vacation clerkships can be made by participating firms

Tuesday 15 May - Offers for vacation clerkships must be accepted or declined by 5pm AEST

We follow the standard QLS vacation clerkship recruitment guidelines. 


Vacation Clerkships Dates 2018/2019 

Monday 16 July - Applications for clerkships open

Sunday 5 August - Applications for clerkships close

Friday 21 September - Offers for vacation clerkships made by 9am AWST

Friday 21 September - Offers for vacation clerkships must be accepted or declined by 1pm AWST

We follow the standard WA Law vacation clerkship recruitment guidelines. 

We really do like to get to know our future leaders long before they embark on their graduate position with the firm and we do that via roles in our Outside Law Clerk team or SmartLaw Centre, as well as through vacation clerkships or via a research clerk position which we offer (when business needs dictate) to those who’ve accepted a future role as a graduate lawyer with HopgoodGanim.

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